Becoming Human

Questions for co-creating the future

International youth summer conference
July 14-18.2018  Goetheanum, Switzerland

What is our task as human beings?

How can we be inclusive without losing our self?​

How can we truly take responsibility out of freedom?

Let’s collectively find steps towards our envisioned future!

July 14-18, 2018


Rüttiweg 45, 4143 Dornach,



Questions for co-creating the future


Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives

Rudolf Steiner


People around the world are currently being faced by many diverse challenges on the individual, social and global spheres. These encourage us to become more creative, form new friendships and develop towards freer and more loving human beings, asking: how can we reach the potential that each of us carries within ourselves?


In an era of mass connectivity, intercultural relationships and social conflicts influenced by social media and virtual reality, how can we define the meaning of connection? How can we overcome our differences to shape a healthy future? What is our task as a generation? What does it mean to be(come) human?


Becoming Human invites you to join a discussion and exploration of these questions through lectures, workshops, conversations, artistic activities and performances. Together we hope to find new ways to work toward a commonly envisioned future!


The Summer Conference is organised by members of Youth Sections from all around the world. It will take place from the 14th until the 18th of July at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.


Constanza Kaliks
Philosophy, Mathematics and Education. Brazil
Ioana Viscrianu
Economist, biography work. Romania

Ioana Viscrianu was born and grew up in Romania, where she was active in the youth section. After she studied Economics and Psychology in Bucharest and closed her formation in biography work she moved to Germany, where she studied at the Alanus Hochschule and worked in the social field with people from different cultures. Now she is part of the youth section team.
Juan Bottero
Sociologist, Social Projects. Argentina

Juan Facundo Bottero was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the year 1988. He studied Sociology in the University of Buenos Aires and specialised in Human Rights and Latin-American History. He worked for several social projects and NGOs fighting against poverty, social exclusion and discrimination in Argentina and Brazil. Currently working for the Section for Social Sciences in the Goetheanum.
Milena Kowarik
Musician (Cello). Austria

Milena Kowarik, living in Dornach, studying Cello at the conservatory Lucerne and teaches in different music schools, she works for the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland and as part of her work there she is hosting the "Initiativeforum for refugees". She lives in Dornach.
Janna de Vries
Humanities. YS Netherlands
Doris Micena
co-worker at the goetheanum's youth section. Brazil
Fabiana Xavier
co-worker at the goetheanum's youth section. Brazil
Roi Schmelzer
Music Waldorf teacher. Israel
Sandra Messow
Movementsculpturist. Germany

Rebalancer and handcrafter.
Frank Aleph Agrama
Waldorf Teacher. United States
Marilha Balieiro, Brazil
Social scientist and social artist

Marilha has been part of the Youth Section and work with Anthroposophy for many years, most of them in Brazil, but as well cooperating in South America, U.S., England and at the Goetheanum. She did the Youth Initiative Program in Sweden and the Anthroposophical Studies in Switzerland, what help shape her work with youth, self development, communities, project orientation, entrepreneurship and social art.
Rachel Aharon
Art teacher, artist. Israel
Paolo Apostolides
Architect & student of plant growth. Australia

I grew up in Australia, so far my work has been the design and construction of small scale wooden building projects. My interest lies where architecture and social work meet. I feel most alive in my work when communities gather and there is room for cross pollination of ideas between disciplines and people to emerge.
Rémy Sundqvist
co-worker at the goetheanum's youth section. Germany
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