are our responsibilities as individuals? We will address the importance of why we need to take responsibility of our “I” within thinking, feeling and willing.

How can we develop this quality with joy and maturity?



we need each other? How can we truly meet as human beings?

The WE day is about agreements and commitments between individuals and communities, inviting a future in which we can step into our potential.



can we be of service to the world and what are our hopes and intentions for humanity? This day is about overcoming obstacles to consciously decide which future we want to create

Constanza Kaliks
“Becoming Human - challenges and chances for human dignity”

Solidarity is an essential value today to recognise the needs of the others and find the will to engage with them. We also need openness and awareness of current world situations to discern what is coming from the future.
Joan Melé
“Money and Consciousness”

Ethical banking. Spain

Everything I need is done by someone else, this is the principle of economy: interdependence. The problem is that today we just look at the price and are not conscious about the human activity behind the product.
Nicanor Perlas
"Becoming Fully Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence"

The challenge of Artificial Intelligence, as with any other challenge, is that it can only be faced through collective action. No human being can do this alone and diversity is a trigger for for tremendous creativity.
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"... they fully experience the text with their young souls, it is their own text... the range of feelings is very wide, no area of experience is left out. I have never seen the long road of Gretchen, portrayed so naturally, movingly and with such cogency..."

Meike Bischoff, Seminar for Language Teachers, Mannheim

"..they played with enthusiasm, with excitement.. I have seen a lot of Faust performances in my life, but none of them fascinated me like this one."

Malte Schuchardt, Literature and Art Teacher, Waldorf School Marburg

"... the performance hadsuch a strong acting intensity, that there was no need to understand the language..."

Claudia Meienhofer, Georg Schumann, South Bavarian Seminar for Waldorf Pedagogy



Mensch und Weltenwerden im Wendepunkt /

The Human Being and Worldly Becoming at a Turning Point

Im Mittelpunkt dieses Eurythmie-Programmes steht Fürchtet euch nicht von Marie Luise Kaschnitz, ein langes Gedicht, welches sich durch das ganze Programm zieht. Das Gedicht greift die Thematik der Zerstörungskräfte des Menschen auf und stellt dem gegenüber die kulturschaffenden Kräfte im Menschen. Im heute brennenden Weltgeschehen kann sich ein jeder die Frage nach einer würdigen Menschheitszukunft stellen. In diesem Sinne ist dieses Gedicht aus den 1950er Jahren heute noch höchst aktuell. Die musikalischen Werke von Béla Bartók, Franz Liszt, György Ligeti, J.S. Bach und Siegfrieds Trauermarsch aus Richard Wagners Götterdämmerung tragen zur Vertiefung der entstehenden Stimmungsbilder bei.


Situated at the heart of this eurythmy performance is the poem, Fuerchtet euch nicht (Do not be afraid) by Marie Luise Kaschnitz, a long poem that weaves through the entire programme. The poem deals with the destructive impulses of the human being in juxtaposition to the creative cultural forces within humanity. In our burning times the question of a worthy human future is eminent. In this sense Kaschnitz's poem from the 1950's is still highly appropriate for today. Musical pieces by Béla Bartók, Franz Liszt, György Ligeti, J.S. Bach and Siegfried's Funeral March from Richard Wagners 'Götterdämmerung' contribute,  enhancing the images within the poems

"Und Täuschung nur wäre und Trugbild das Bauwerk des


Errichtet aus Seelen der Menschen, aus singenden


Von Sehnsucht getrieben, emporwachsend


Von ewiger Schönheit verklärt?"

"Aber hören wir denn, wie der Baum sich entfaltet, der


Hören wir denn, wie die Liebe sich auftut im Herzen,

Wie ein Werk sich entfaltet und wächst in des

Schaffenden Brust?"

"Vom Kommenden hör ich sie flüstern, die ewige


Nicht von Maschinen spricht sie,

Nicht von Vermehrung der Ernten,

Nicht von gewonnenem Schiffsraum...


Zusammenklang, sagt sie..."

Kefas Berlin

HOMO LUDENS Becoming human through playfulness. Could it be that play and playfulness carries some very crucial tools for becoming truly human? What and how would that be? Let's check it out! Games, Interactive movement training and reflections..... The workshop leader : Kefas Berlin, Swedish Singer, Actor, Dancer, Musician, Composer and Teacher. Since many years giving workshops around Europe in Voice Work, Physical Theatre and Playfulness.

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